from a dream to reality...       


As the creator of CBD Island, I care about the people of this great island!


My mission is to bring the purest CBD to the end consumer for a reasonable price never sacrificing quality for quantity.

After a lot of time and careful consideration I have decided to bring my brand and unique CBD formulas to the market to help others who may be in similar situations ensuring the product is easy to access for all.

My first experience with CBD was over 7 Years ago. I used CBD to treat our dog who suffered from epilepsy and we believe it dramatically reduced his seizures and extended our time with him.

Reasons to buy from us:

·         All orders come with Royal Mail 1st Class recorded free!

·         All Orders before 12pm will be dispatched the same day!

·         GMP certified CBD.

·         Free consultation prior to purchase.

·         All CBD Products tested by 3rd party lab in UK! 

·         24/7 Customer Service.

Okay so now you're thinking about if you’re going to buy this CBD... But what exactly are you supposed to do with this product?

​The possibilities are endless! Please see my About CBD page for the most popular consumption methods!